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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Armageddon Tomorrow

Within the United States we face a cultural civil war.  In the world at large we face a turning point in civilization.

It’s hardly an original idea, but it’s worth repeating.  The kinds of issues in this year’s Presidential campaigns reflect profound threats to civilization itself, at home and abroad.

Strategic solutions are beyond the competence of the writer and outside the limitations of a weblog article.  Nonetheless, framing the issue may contribute a perspective that will help the reader reach his own conclusions.

It’s important to understand that however absorbing pocket-book issues may be, we are inescapably dealing with issues of life and death for the world as we know it.


As has been noted often, domestically we face a civil war.  On the one hand is the Judeo-Christian ethic of personal morality and God-given, natural-law rights reflected in the Constitution.  On the other, the French socialistic doctrine of amoral, secular, and materialistic religion that collectivizes all regulatory power in the hands of an intellectual elite.

The Judeo-Christian ethic of morality is based on self-restraint and deep piety for tradition and custom.  The liberal-socialist religion imported from France has no inherent limits on government power.  Intellectuals are free to do whatever they think will lead to perfection of society and humanity.

Our Constitution originally was based on the idea that social action originates with individuals and voluntary, local associations.  The Federal government’s role was to protect individuals and their voluntary associations from domestic outlaws and foreign marauders.  Federal law was limited in scope, with most regulation of action being under state and local so-called police powers.

The liberal-socialist model turns this upside down.  Nearly all state and local powers have been curbed, if not eliminated, since FDR’s New Deal.  Before 1933, more than 70 percent of all taxes were levied at the state and local levels.  FDR more than quadrupled the level of Federal taxes, taking away state and local tax bases.  States and cities now must come on bended knee to Washington for money and permission to do almost anything that local groups wish to do. 

The model was Otto von Bismarck, the creator of the German Empire in the 1860s, who instituted the world’s first welfare state in 1881.  Bismarck was a member of the landed aristocracy and despised the German socialists.  It was to forestall their political opposition that Bismarck created the welfare state.  Thereafter, he said, he had neutralized the socialists and had made the German people dependent upon the Prussian-led National State, so the he “could herd them like cattle.”

In precisely the same way, liberal-socialists in the United States dominated the Federal government under FDR and made Americans into cattle to be herded into political pens.  We see the result in today’s abject dependence upon Social Security for our everyday living.  Gone are the thousands of local self-help organizations and church-sponsored charities that provided succor for unfortunate citizens before 1933.  All the money that went to them in voluntary contributions has been sucked up to Washington in mandatory FICA taxes.  We have been socialized and equalized in the first long step down the road to socialistic despotism.

The most profoundly destructive change coming out of the New Deal has been the dismissal of personal morality and the substitution of hedonistic license and addiction to sensual gratification.  As in Revolutionary France of 1789 and Russia of 1917, this has been a conscious public policy promoted by liberal-socialists.  Gradually is has become part of the doctrine that currently passes for Constitutional law and the official curriculum of Federally-financed education.

As we face a civilizational Armageddon between Western individualism and Islamic theocracy and terrorism, liberals seek to destroy the last pitiful vestiges of our original Constitutional foundations.


We have been hurled into a world war between the Judeo-Christian West and Islam.  The liberal-socialist thesis that unequal distribution of wealth between the West and the Islam world has compelled Islamic terrorists to attack us is arrant nonsense.  Apart from the fact that it’s an idiotic theory with no foundation in experience, the overwhelming reality is that Islam is simply renewing its thousand-year jihad against the Christian world that Islamists initiated after Mohammed’s hejira in 622 AD. 

The conflict then between a declining Roman Empire and the forces of Islam is being repeated today by Islamic terrorist groups seeking to conquer the West.  Al Queda speaks to the Arabic world of their jihad as merely a third phase in the campaign to conquer the West and subject its inhabitants to the Koranic law. 

In 622 AD, the Western Roman Empire, based in Rome, already had succumbed to the Huns, Vandals, Visigoths, et al, and the last Western Roman Emperor had been killed by invaders.  Only the Roman Catholic Church and Christianity remained to preserve Roman civilization and Roman law in Europe. 

For roughly a thousand years, there was no decade in which Islamic forces were not attacking, conquering, murdering, and converting Christians and Jews somewhere around the Mediterranean Sea.  The wealthier and still powerful Eastern Roman Empire, based in Constantinople (today’s Istanbul, capital of Islamic Turkey), held out against the Islamic hordes for another 800 years, until the fall of Constantinople in 1453. 

Islamists claim victimhood, citing the Christian Crusades.  This too is arrant nonsense.  The Christian world had been under relentless attack for almost 400 years before the first Crusade was launched in response.

Looking back at this history makes it clear that we now confront a true, worldwide terrorist war.  Osama Bin Ladin speaks of events of a thousand years ago as it they were yesterday.  Just as Hitler appealed to the mystical heritage of “the German people,” Bin Ladin calls Islamists to complete the jihad begun 1382 years ago.

Both within the United States and in the world at large, we aren’t dealing with simple economic issues.  We are fighting to preserve the Judeo-Christian values in the original Constitution against the secular religion of socialism domestically, and against the Islamic jihad around the world.