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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Are the English Still a Free People?

England is the home of individual liberty.  How’s it faring there today?

Peter Liniker, the editor of, directed me to another excellent UK website. 

To grasp the oppression of personal liberties inherent in liberal-socialism, read Tim Worstall’s two postings:

Are We Still a Free people? and
Are We Still a Free People II? has a similar posting titled Subversion.

Mr. Liniker writes:
“Firstly, read this article by Johann Hari published in the Independent: Sometimes we should look at what Blair has done - and ignore what he says . This article could be taken in two ways - either it is true that Tony Blair doesn?t talk socialism because he knows the British electorate is more conservative than not, or the article is an attempt to reign in traditionally loyal Labour supporters whose allegiances might be drifting.

Secondly, read this article: The ?Media Party? Is Over .

Put the two together and I get the notion that if Britain had the equivalent of FOX News (lets not duplicate it since it is newstainment than real in-depth news, but at least it stands up to liberalsim/socialism for the most part and offers a conservative view) and the Conservatives decided to ignore New-Labour-speak and the BBC et al and talk directly to people and communities, it would be interesting to see the reaction.”