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Friday, June 10, 2005

Another Email re Darwin’s Sand Castle

Reader Richard Stevens from Toronto wrote:

Ummmm…I see your point, that evolution isn’t truly a scientific theory.? And it’s a good article.? However, isn’t the same blind faith that the scientific community (and I think you refer to “liberals” as well) somewhere similar to the same blind faith that the religious use to follow God?? While obviously Darwin didn’t intend what I’m about to suggest, your quotes prove this, why are evolution and creation mutually exclusive?? Couldn’t evolution have been guided divinely?

My reply:

Thanks for your email.

Yes, definitely to all your points.? It is probable that natural selection is a mechanism that is part of the laws of nature flowing from God, if for no other reason than to assure the survival of life.? But Darwinians will not accept that.? Evolution, for Darwin at least, has to be an atheistic process.? The minds of intellectuals must be viewed as the creators of all things, because there is no God.

Whether natural selection automatically, without any help from Divine law, created different species is another matter.? That is altogether beyond the knowledge or ability of anyone living on earth to test.

Natural selection within species is not evolution of new species; it is no more than humans have for thousands of years done in selective breeding and hybridization.? “Proofs” thrown out by Darwinians ? for example, mutations among bacteria producing strains immune to our medications ? are not evolution of new species; they are the same bacteria with immunities.

The belief that many people, including me, advocate is called Intelligent Design, which postulates that the universe was created by an all-encompassing state of being and intelligence outside of, and pre-xisting to the universe.? Aristotle called that Being the Unmoved Mover.? The ancient Jews identified Him as God, and Christians, of course, follow the Jews in that regard.

That’s the symbolic significance of the bush encountered in the desert by Moses, a bush that was burning, but was not consumed by the flames, from which God’s voice said, “I am who I am,” meaning I am God; I am being itself, existing before the world, in Whom the world exists, and Who will exist after the universe is gone.

What we see everywhere in the universe is uniformity of scientific laws and uniformity of matter and energy.? Big Bang theorists, for example, have to assume that all the laws of science and mathematics were in existence from the very nanosecond that the universe came into being.

Advocates of Intelligent Design say that life forms were predetermined by the laws of nature and follow the rules of nature that existed before the universe came into being.? We can, for example, describe with considerable exactness the birth, life, and death of stars, and they all follow definable and predictable patterns.? Physicists have noted that, if some of the universal constants (ratios like pi, for example) prevailing throughout the universe were different by even a few millionths of a decimal point, the right conditions would not have existed to create a planet like the earth that is capable of sustaining life.

Darwinians have to take the position that life forms on earth, uniquely among all other things in the universe, do not follow the universal laws of nature, but instead were the product of random coincidences of inorganic chemicals and forces such as heat and light.? And furthermore, Darwinians must take the position that evolution of life forms will follow no particular law other than natural selection’s response to the combination of genetic mutations and prevailing environmental conditions. ?

The only reason for Darwin’s attempt to create a unique set of rules for earth’s life forms was his profound atheism.? For his supporters, it was a matter of theoretical conformity to the secular?and materialistic determinism in the the political realm laid down by Karl Marx in the decade when Darwin was writing “On the Origin of Species.”?

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Posted by Thomas E. Brewton on 06/10 at 01:18 AM
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