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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

America’s Foreign Policy Interests

As I wrote in Make-Nice Is Not A Foreign Policy:

Liberal-progressive-socialists, who dominate the Democrat/Socialist Party and the present administration in Washington, sincerely believe that the so-called laws of history are impelling us along an evolutionary course toward a one-world welfare state.  Karl Marx called it scientific socialism.  Pursuing that goal, liberal-progressive-socialists ignore human nature and millennia of history.  They confidently assume that the rest of the world will readily accede to their secular rationality, that support for the UN as our primary foreign policy channel will expedite the transformation.  Foreign policy becomes a simple matter of making speeches, issuing Islamic-friendly press releases, and removing our military power that traditionally would have been used as a counter weight to protect our national interests.

The dulcet tones of Obama’s many speeches were expected to soften the murderous hearts of Islamic regimes in the Middle East.  To demonstrate the sincerity of his one-world socialistic faith, Obama has presided over withdrawals of military forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, coupled with massive reductions in our Defense Department budget.  And he has adopted a lead-from-behind foreign policy, first displayed in the Libyan revolution, that gives the UN a veto over our foreign policy. 

In effect, he subordinates our historical national interests to those of anti-American countries who dominate the UN.

Pat Buchanan seconds that assessment in The Unraveling of Obama’s Foreign Policy.

Bret Stephens, in an essay published on the Commentary website, elaborates on the dangerously constricted foreign policy view of the present administration.  Read The Coming Global Disorder.