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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Activist Clergy Reinterpret the Bible

Clerical activists and judicial activists are wading in the same ditch.

Activist judges declare that the Constitution is not the permanent, fundamental law of the nation, but a Darwinian, “evolving” document the meaning of which is continually being amended by ever-shifting public opinion.  In the theoretical doctrines of judicial realism and critical studies, the intentions of the people who wrote the Constitution and of the public that debated its approval have no permanent validity.  They were “constructs” like the plot of a novel that a fiction writer might conceive. 

According to the liberal-socialist doctrine of critical studies, those constitutional “constructs” were merely the means by which greedy property owners in colonial times sought to oppress the masses.  Tit-for-tat, when liberal judges reach the bench, they are at liberty to rewrite the plot to find Constitutional “rights” that would have astonished the founders.

In the same fashion, liberal-socialist ministers who call themselves Christians declare that they are at liberty to interpret the Bible to mean anything that satisfies their ideas of social justice.  We have what might be called Darwinian Christianity, with meanings continually evolving to suit the ever-descending hedonistic tastes of nominal Christians.

In the 19th century, Christian faith began to waver in Europe.  It became modern and “scientific” to proclaim that “God is dead.”  Today, the European Union refuses to acknowledge Christianity as the cornerstone of Europe’s historical development.  Nations like France are defiantly proud to be secular and anti-religious.

This sentiment came to dominate American academia and the media in the late 1960s.  Young people of the 60s generation began, for the first time, to view the United States cynically as the source of all the world’s evils.  Socialism’s promises of immediate paradise here on earth, without the bother of repenting sin and striving to lead a moral life, became the “in” thing.

In a sort of marketing effort to re-package Christianity and make it more attractive to customers who were being pulled away, many churches made Christianity a “new and improved” product that was little more than Sunday entertainments couched in vague, non-denominational evocations of primitive mysticism, accompanied by drum-beating men in bell-bottom trousers, wearing necklaces and ear-rings.

This drift toward pagan secularity has brought us today to a particularly blatant example described in Gay Bishop Backs Planned Parenthood, by Jon Ward, published April 16, 2005, in THE WASHINGTON TIMES.

The opening paragraphs of Mr. Ward’s article convey the depravity represented by these self-appointed “men of God.”


Planned Parenthood should target “people of faith” to promote abortion rights and comprehensive sex education, the Episcopal Church’s first openly homosexual bishop told a gathering in the District yesterday.

“In this last election we see what the ultimate result of divorce from communities of faith will do to us,” New Hampshire Bishop V. Gene Robinson said during Planned Parenthood’s fifth annual prayer breakfast.

“Our defense against religious people has to be a religious defense. ... We must use people of faith to counter the faith-based arguments against us,” he said.

Bishop Robinson’s comments at Planned Parenthood’s national leadership conference took aim at traditional interpretations of the Bible.

“We have allowed the Bible to be taken hostage, and it is being wielded by folks who would use it to hit us over the head. We have to take back those Scriptures,” he said. “You know, those stories are our stories. I tell this to lesbian folk all the time: The story of freedom in Exodus is our story. ... That’s my story, and they can’t have it.

“This current administration notwithstanding, the world is not black and white,” Bishop Robinson said. “We need to teach people about nuance, about holding things in tension, that this can be true and that can be true, and somewhere between is the right answer. It’s a very adult way of living, you know.

“What an unimaginative God it would be if God only put one meaning in any verse of Scripture,” he said.

Mr. Robinson left his wife and two young daughters in 1986 and moved in with another man. He was elected bishop by state and clergy delegates in June 2003 and affirmed by the national convention two months later.


To carry the analogy further, the Episcopal Church is now implementing political correctness and employing thought police to enforce it.

Connecticut’s Episcopal Bishop Andrew Smith has threatened to defrock six Episcopal ministers because they oppose the ordination of New Hampshire Bishop V. Gene Robinson and prefer to stick with the words of the Bible and the traditional teachings of the church.  As in our college classrooms, all views are welcome in the name of academic and religious freedom, provided that they are the views of the secular religion of socialism.

Bishop Smith, seeking to stifle dissent, has in effect declared the Bible religiously unconstitutional.

To state the glaringly obvious, it’s a Christian mandate, as part of God’s love, to treat individual homosexuals with loving kindness and personal respect.  Jesus reached out to people who were social outcasts - tax collectors, a Samaritan woman, lepers - making the point that true Christianity is a matter of what each of us has in his heart.

But it’s quite a different matter to appoint to positions of religious authority people who openly defy Christian teachings on any subject.

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