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Sunday, September 16, 2012

1st Amendment Freedom: Obama And The ACLU

Obama sympathizes with Islamic thugs whose feelings were hurt by a film clip demeaning Mohammed.  We’ve never heard anything from him lamenting continual attacks on Judeo-Christian morality in the United States, however hurtful those attacks may be.  Liberal-progressives’ sneering reply is, “Get used to it!”

Islamic fanatics across the Middle East demand that we suspend 1st Amendment guarantees of free speech and prosecute an exercise thereof.  That’s a mirror image of the ACLU’s historical assertion of the right to use whatever force necessary to attack our nation and to destroy its moral core.  According to the ACLU’s official history, In Defense of American Liberties, [Roger] Baldwin [co-founder of the ACLU] argued that “standards of civil liberty cannot be attained as abstract principles or as constitutional guarantees” because rights “are not granted” by those in power. They could be won only by militant action. ( The Liberal Jihad - The Hundred-Year War Against the Constitution).